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Hitting the Market Research ROI Sweet Spot

“After a year, I went from a skeptic to a 100% evangelist for online research communities.”

Troy Figgins
Head of Consumer Insights

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Leveraging a Privately Branded Online Community

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Elevating Consumer Trust with Reader’s Digest

Hitting the Market Research ROI Sweet Spot

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Cutting Research Time in Half to Focus on Insight-Rich Engagement

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"We do a lot of agile research. We can tap into our community at any time, for any business question at any given moment and get results next day."
Danielle Pickett
"Fuel Cycle is always extremely helpful, responsive and quick to jump in on any question and find the best solutions for our team!"
Melissa Baucum
"Having Fuel Cycle as a partner is great and they beat their own timeline having our community built, which is very impressive."
Jeff Philips
U30 Group

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